Introducing the New DarkRoast Digital Request Management System.

This system was custom built exclusively for our clients to manage projects, organize files and streamline communications.

With this single tool, we can empower our clients to connect and collaborate directly with the designer working on their projects which enables faster turnaround times and seamless project management from end to end

Let’s see how it works.

Access the system by going to and login in with your secured user credentials.

Once inside you’ll see all your current design requests listed with a unique name, category, due date, progress indicator, and status.

Main Dashboard

To create a new design requests, simply select “New Project” and provide a project name, detailed description, due date, priority level, category, and any necessary files. This is the information we’ll use to create your designs.

Then click “Start Project”

Project Request Page

And that’s it, your new project request has been completed and your designer has been notified. After completing your request, you’ll be directed to the project management page.

This is where you’ll work directly with your designer to complete your project. From here you can chat with your designer in real time to approve designs and request revisions. You can also see the project status, view and download files, and break down the project into individual tasks. Once we have completed designs, the task status will change and you’ll get a notification to review and provide feedback.

Project Communication Page

Also, you can invite anyone else to join your team and create design requests. As the manager of your team you’ll be able to monitor all the activity and request of your team members.

Finally, with several search and filtering features, archived projects, and a built-in file management system organizing and executing any number of requests and projects is easy for you and us. Say Good Bye to email chains, conference calls, long meetings, and lost files.

File Management System

With the New DarkRoast Digital Request Management System, it’s all about spending less time managing and more time creating.