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Thinking about hiring a graphic designer?

December 22, 2022

Hiring a Graphic Designer sucks.

I know how difficult it can be because I do it all the time.

It gets downright frustrating. Wasting your valuable time poring over resumes and cover letters from people who don’t even stand a chance at getting an interview (half of them from India)

And after about 10 applicants who don’t even bother to submit a portfolio, you’re ready to give up.

It can consume weeks or months of your time when you have way better things to do all the while the list of stuff that you need to get done is piling up.

I can go on forever about the problems with hiring a graphic designer, but I would rather focus on the solution.

Much like lawyers and accountants, you don’t always need to have a graphic designer on staff. It’s just an extra person to worry about.

So, if now you’re thinking. But I do need someone in-house. We have a lot of work and we need to be able to collaborate and communicate with someone every day.

Perfect, that’s the exact reason why we spent three years working directly with people that had this problem on building the idea solution for those who:

  • Have a fair amount of on-going graphic design needs
  • Need to collaborate and communicate with some on daily basis
  • Who want to get stuff done every week and not waste time

If you haven’t already heard of it. It’s called Graphic Design on Demand. It’s like having your own in-house graphic designer, but way better.

So here is the good news: If you’re in the process of searching a designer and just need to get stuff done, you can stop searching and start working on projects this week.

Even better: You will be the hero that saved the company $40,000+, and yourself a lot of headaches.

On top of that, you can try it out absolutely RISK FREE. If it’s not the right solution for, you can always return and pick up your hunt for a designer exactly where you left off – the same candidates will still be there.

in-house designer vs agency vs darkroast vs design pickle

Still not convinced? Here are the Top 10 reasons why Graphic Design on Demand is way better than hiring and in-house designer:

#1 Start right away

Finding and hiring a graphic designer is a long process. It could take weeks or months to even find the right person, never mind the time it takes to hire and onboard them before they start producing work. With Graphic Design on Demand, you can start getting stuff done this week.

#2 Save a ton of money

Hiring a full-time graphic designer can cost anywhere from $45,000 to $75,000+ per year. With Graphic Design on Demand, you get the same experience at a fraction of the cost and without any personnel management headaches. You save as much as $63,000+ per year!

#3 No more meetings 🙂

You have better things to do than sit in a meeting or a conference call discussing a design brief or reviewing work. Frankly, it’s not necessary. With graphic design on demand, starting and managing projects is easy and it only takes a couple of minutes each week to get tons of stuff done.

#4 Fewer people to manage

Hiring a designer means another employee for you to manage. With graphic design on demand, you no longer have to worry about training, benefits, vacation time, sick days, or anything else that comes with having another person on staff.

#5 Way more scalable

Sometimes you find yourself needing several projects done right away. It’s rare to simply have a consistent and predictable number of design projects week in and week out. The volume will always fluctuate. But with graphic design on demand, you won’t need to worry about overwhelming a single designer with high volumes of work in a busy week.

#6 It scales down, too

Because workloads fluctuate, there will also be times when they are low. But you won’t have to worry about paying a full-time designer to sit idle or feel forced to come up with projects just to give them something to do. With Graphic Design on Demand, you’ll never have to worry again about keeping someone busy when times are slow.

#7 Way more versatility

Frankly, finding a graphic designer who excels at everything is impossible. Every designer has certain strengths and weaknesses. Fortunately, with Graphic Design on Demand, you’ll have access to a whole team of designers with a diverse skill set, well-prepared to easily handle anything you throw at them.

#8 Work with only the best

Finding a good designer at a budget-friendly salary is difficult. All the really good designers either have high salary expectations or are already working for someone… like us. With Graphic Design on Demand, you only get the highest-quality work from experienced, professional graphic designers to make you look good.

#9 No commitments

With no minimum terms or contracts and simple month-to-month flat rate billing, you’re not locked into any long-term employment contracts or commitments. And if you decide to try something else, or that it’s not the right fit for you, you can cancel any time without having to lay anyone off.

#10 You can try it for free

Best of all, you can try out Graphic Design on Demand for free, which you can’t do with in-house designers. No cost, no hassles, no commitment, and you don’t even need a credit card to get started. If it doesn’t work out, you can always go back to searching for your in-house designer.

And that’s all we have to say about that. The end

P.S if this came across as a little “salesy” that’s because most of this content was pulled from a sales letter we’ve used in the past. We know it’s a little aggressive, but undoubtedly there was still some good stuff here so we wanted to share it